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Study Consolidation Meditation, retain information, learning, study, reading

Acts as a short meditation to help the mind retain information recently learned. Remember what you have learned. This session guides the mind down to a deep, refreshing Delta state, essentially acting as a short restorative meditation. It uses both Discover A Lot More

Meditation Breathing Exercises: Learning to Meditate, Guided Breathing Video

http://www.audiomeditation.co.uk/step-into-meditation-course Guided relaxation breathing meditation by Linda Hall, personal growth facilitator and meditation teacher. Using Meditation Breathing Exercises to help you relax and de-stress. A gentle, Discover A Lot More

Canada: Meditation in class for improved learning results? (Learning World: S5E28, 3/3)

The Nelson elementary Public School in Vancouver begins its classes with a three-minute meditation every day. It aims at clearing the students' mind and helps them to regulate the stress that they are exposed to throughout their day. The practice Discover A Lot More