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Uplifting Meditation Music – RAYS OF SUN LIGHT – for Depression – Become Happier Feel Good

◢ Start giving those bouts of depression a shove out the door and feel freedom from the negative state of mind and emotions that are brought about. Using binaural beats and isochronic tones found in the Alpha Range, we have created a music therapy Discover A Lot More

8 Hour Buddhist Meditation Lucid Dream Chakras for Sleep and Good Dreams

Tibetan Buddhist monks have used meditative practices for thousands of years to induce lucid dreams while sleeping and achieve higher states of consciousness and awareness while awake. These Buddhists did, or do, have what could be called a chakra Discover A Lot More

Meditation for Healing Anxiety Depression | Zen Reiki & Shiatsu Music Therapy #1 | Good Vibes

Good Vibes for relaxing stress relief & Healing Meditation relaxation music. Play on low volume in the background when you are Stressed out, sleeping, studying or doing any other activities for a zen like experience.I t can also be played as background Discover A Lot More

GOOD NIGHT Deep REM Cell Rejuventing Sleep Guided Meditation Paul Santisi

SUBSCRIBE AND BE THE FIRST TO RECEIVE ALL NEW AUDIOS! Listened to Worldwide in all 196 Countries. Paul Santisi here. Here is a very powerful sleep meditation. Relax and drift off into deep cell rejuvenating REM sleep while removing negative blocks Discover A Lot More