How Mindfulness Meditation Can Help Enhance Creativity

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Creativity requires you to tap into the deepest parts of the human experience, expand your imagination, and explore new possibilities. Mindfulness meditation can help with ALL of this. Watch to learn how.

Or try my meditation for enhanced creativity:

You can also try any of these videos to dig up some creative inspiration:

– Immersion:
– Expansion:
– Fear & Hesitation:
– Understand Your Feelings:
– Positive Outcomes:
– Mindful Journaling:
– Pain & Discomfort:

But remember, really ANY meditation will help!

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I’ve been listening: I received a few comments suggesting I change the music I use and how much of it I use in my videos. So, I have tried something new here – let me know if you like it better or hate it below or by emailing me 🙂

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