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Guided meditation for awakening to being the best version of yourself. From depression, anxiety or daily struggles this guided meditation can help open your mind to that person you want to be, or possibly have imagined already. Change your circumstances through meditation and meditating with this audio, listen on a regular basis to get the best results, as repitition causes a chain reaction of positive things to manifest. This guided meditation can be used as furthering yourself spiritually, for wealth in the way of law of attraction or healing relationships. Any which way you use this guided talk through will have a positive outcome. Removing negative blocks and awakening your intuition, making you a calmer and helping you to relaxation in times of stress or anxiety.

Hi, my name is Christian Thomas.
Having been through a dark depression, my meditations
are a way of helping others from my experience.
Anxiety, insomnia, worry, I even developed a fear of driving
as a result.
I still have the occassional day where one of these may rear
it’s ugly head but I manage well now.

Quick Q&A:

Why do you make meditations on youtube?
To help others, perhaps offer a shortcut to relief ( I know everyone is different )

Does meditation or guided meditation work?
It literally saved my life, after listening to others on youtube
I am now a completely different and positive person.

Are you a trained hypnosis master or doctor (frequently asked)
lol. No, I am just an ordinary guy trying to help others, over a long
period alot of people have said I have a voice for something, funny
how it turned into this.

What are your hobbies?
I like call of duty, music is a major influence on my mood, anything
from Aerosmith or Guns n roses to Michael Bubl’e.
swimming …….but my biggest hobby is film making and soon
will have a second channel just for that, look out for that on
my channels tab.

What did you do before youtube and do you work?
I work as a counsellor outside youtube but have had various other
jobs, removal man, used to clean planes at Heathrow airport,
worked at the bbc centre in london looking after props
and sets, wedding videographer.

What are your Favourite movies?
C’mon…..Back to the future 1st of course.
ok, ok….Goodfellas or any gangster movies,
I have a guilty pleasure of Adam Sandler, it’s just my sense
of humour.

Do you have a Bucket list?
yes, important to have goals.
Skydive is number one, ziplining in wales, shopping in New York,
Go back to Rome (amazing place), make a movie even be it on youtube.
There are more!

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