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Purpose, Meaning of Life, Who We Really Are – Leanne Babcock, Spiritual Transformation Expert #4

Find out more about Leanne and her Spiritual Transformation work at Whether your life is good or bad, it helps to remember that each of us chose to be alive at this Discover A Lot More

Open Says Me Book Trailer From Spiritual Transformation Author Leanne Babcock – Introduction Video Are you one of the millions around the world who is searching for deeper meaning and a larger purpose in life? If you're feeling dissatisfied, disillusioned, disconnected and you don't know why, you may be living in Discover A Lot More

Spiritual Transformation and You

Are you going through a spiritual transformation? This self-study online course, Spiritual Transformation, is a program that guides you on your journey to achieving your highest potential, while working to heal yourself and the Earth. Discover A Lot More

禪修之身心靈變化 Meditation And Its Spiritual Transformation

字幕 Subtitle (中繁、 English) 禪修的第一步是清理智慧的通路, 清洗自己的內外, 一旦身心靈通暢了, 身體就會健康, 壓力也就沒有了。 金菩提禪師以最精煉的語言、簡單形象的比喻, 帶領您通暢無阻地走上健康、智慧之路。 Discover A Lot More