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432hz Cognition Enhancer | DEEP ALPHA BINAURALBEAT | Deep Concentration, Focus & Meditation Music

Relaxing music mixed with whitenoise sounds of wind and rain. 432Hz and 8Hz Alpha binaural beats enhances our cognition, focus and concentration, because it encourages all brain cell dendrites to operate with the maximum information flow possible Discover A Lot More

Meditation: ” Tips, Tricks, Crystals and Opening The Third Eye ” ( My Point of View )

Upon request here is my video on my take of Meditation. This is just how I do my work. I cover a few crystals to help with meditation, how to open the third eye, the heart center and channeling spirit. So much to talk about within this topic, Discover A Lot More

Jimmy Kimmel, Cousin Sal, Guillermo, Yehya & Aunt Chippy go to Meditation Class

Jimmy’s Aunt Chippy needs to learn how to relax so Jimmy, Cousin Sal, Guillermo and Yehya go with her to a meditation class. Vice to Vice - Jimmy Kimmel vs Tim Kaine SUBSCRIBE to get the latest #KIMMEL: Discover A Lot More