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A Beginner’s Guide to Practice Meditation at AYM Yoga School – Rishikesh, India

(A Beginner’s Guide to Practice Meditation at AYM Yoga School - Rishikesh) While attending meditation class during Yoga Teacher Training, Students start with chanting of Lord Ganesha's Stuti (Prayer) "Vakratunda Mahakaya" mantra for success. The Discover A Lot More

Violence Rate Down 50% and Grades Up with TM in AZ School | David Lynch Foundation

For more info The David Lynch Foundation relies entirely on donations to bring the powerful stress-reducing Transcendental Meditation technique to at-risk populations and inner-city kids all over the world. If Discover A Lot More

Transcendental Meditation at a Detroit School is reducing classroom stress and fighting

A Detroit School has introduced Transcendental Meditation in order to help combat the growing number of cases of classroom bullying, fighting and stress. Transcendental Meditation is a simple technique that anyone from the age Discover A Lot More

Meditation for New Start, New Year, New Season, Job, School Year, Birthday Affirmation******

This is a guided, 15 minute of POWER affirmation for a New Start, New Year, Birthday, New Solstice, Equinox, New Job, New Season and BRAND NEW START!! It is great for people meditating for the first time or seasoned veterans to higher consciousness Discover A Lot More

Canada: Meditation in class for improved learning results? (Learning World: S5E28, 3/3)

The Nelson elementary Public School in Vancouver begins its classes with a three-minute meditation every day. It aims at clearing the students' mind and helps them to regulate the stress that they are exposed to throughout their day. The practice Discover A Lot More