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Sleep Meditation for Anxiety, Nightmares and Night Terrors | Spirit Guide, Guardian Angel Protection

This sleep meditation for night time anxiety and fear protects you with a gentle meditation of a security blanket and spirit guide, guardian angel or other protective figure. This is designed specifically for those who feel fear at night, and suffer Discover A Lot More

Meet Your Animal Spirit Guide: Guided Meditation Visualization, Spoken Word, The Magic Book

PLEASE USE THIS SITE TO interpret your visions: I love it! Click here to purchase quality MP3 version: Finding your animal spirit guide, guided visualization. This is a 22 Discover A Lot More

EXPERIENCE THIS! 10 Minute Guided Meditation on Connecting To Spirit Guide l Supernatural l ASMR

Uploaded for your enjoyment is a calming 10 Minute Guided Meditation for Connecting to your Spirit Guide. This meditation is for positive energy along your journey. Enjoy this supernatural experience. I hope you enjoy. In this 10 Minute Guided Relaxation Discover A Lot More

how to concentrate on meditation/best guide to meditation/meditation and spirituality

how to concentrate on meditation.In the field of spiritual sciences there are a number of exercises besides Meditation that enhance mental concentration. These exercises help reduce the flow of negative thoughts, which in turn lessens the mental Discover A Lot More

Guided Meditation – Meet Your Spirit Guide By Unlocking Your Third Eye!

If you would like to get a free guide meditation for relaxation and stress relief then go to To purchase this track go to: This Discover A Lot More

Guided Meditation into Astral Projection // Lucid Dream // OBE w binaural beats

☆ This meditation will help to guide you into an astral projection. For best results use the 'Wake and Back to Bed' method of inducing lucid dreams. Let yourself fall asleep at the end of the meditation, keeping the visual and sensory experiences Discover A Lot More

Back To Basics Guided Meditation: For beginners & returning meditation users

Get My FREE Meditation MP3 Here ► CD now available (2 guided meditations!!!) Ebay: Amazon: MP3 download available Discover A Lot More