4 of the best guided meditation from meditation vacation ( over 3 hours )

4 of the best guided meditations from meditation vacation ( over 3 hours ). Much more on my meditation channel. Please subscribe if my content helps. This combination is for sleep and can be played at bedtime to help you fall asleep fast. All my guided meditation are free and always will be.
Headphones are best when listening to this guided meditation but can also be played through your phone beside your bed, turning your phone over so it doesn’t disturb you with the light.
Drift off into a deep sleep as the sounds of the ocean waves from the beach relax your further. Listen to the warming open fire that crackles in the background to assist you more.
Swim under water in this guided meditation story to deep relaxation.
Be massaged on the beach with the sounds of all environments around you. Visualize the sun setting, the lapping waves, the beach that is yours as you fall asleep fast.
This long guided meditation should be of a duration that exceeds the need for the help to fall asleep.
These are 4 of the best guided meditations I believe make a good combination for bedtime. There are many more on my youtube channel.
I hope to provide high quality free guided meditation to help others through their struggles in life, to help them see the light where there is darkness. Change negative thoughts into positive thinking, self worth, insomnia, sleep problems, anxiety, depression amongst other things that we try to work through but need help with.
After going through a very rough part in my life, not comparable to others, I experienced many of the issues I try to help others with.
Through making it through this rough stage in my life, I hope to pass on my experience and hopefully some shortcuts to aid in getting them out faster.
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