$1300 to learn TM? – Transcendental Meditation

I went to a talk on Transcendental Meditation tonight and they want 00 to learn the mantra and the technique. There were all these slides showing the supposed benefits of TM but no references to the origins of these studies. Every question we asked received a vague response. My gut told me it just wasn’t legit. The man leading the talk said he had been practicing TM for 40+ years but he did not seem like someone I wanted to emulate. It just wasn’t believable to me.
There are lots of celebrities talking about TM in all the Facebook ads but I haven’t heard anything positive about it from any of the people I know through social media or anywhere else. So have you tried it? If so, please post your experience below. Thank you!
Here are some links I found on the subject when I Googled Transcendental Meditation Scam and how to find your mantra for TM
How to pick your TM mantra: http://caic.org.au/eastern/sydda/free…

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