10 Minute Buddhist Meditation – A Mindfulness and Breathing Meditation

A 10 minute Buddha meditation.
1) Prepare your position.
2) Adjust the sound to a subtle level.
3) Locate your inner peace and calm by centering or resting your mind where comfortable for you.
4) Listen for the bell that starts the meditation.
5) Concentrate your mind to the subtle sound of the flute. Listen to every nuance of the sound. In this way you distract your intrusive thoughts so as to exercise and strengthen your concentrative mind.
6) Keep bringing your mind back to the flute.
7) Discard thoughts as they arise, going back to the flute sound.
8) In this way your mind strengthens and purifies.

Mindfulness training paves the way to keen discernment. In this way you may know the importance of skilled vs unskilled actions.

May the dharma lamp light the way and guide you peacefully on your path through life.

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