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If you’ve ever wondered if there’s more to your dreams than meets the eye, and if you could wake up and explore your dream world to benefit your days, then do we have the lucid dreaming show for you.

Today we’ll be talking with Andrew Holecek, author of The Power and the Pain, Preparing to Die, Meditation in the iGeneration, and an incredible book I think will make a huge difference in our lives, Dream Yoga: Illuminating Your Life Through Lucid Dreaming and the Tibetan Yogas of Sleep.

And that’s just what we’ll be talking about today, how to wake up in your dreams and illuminate your life through lucid dreaming and the Tibetan Yogas of sleep.

That plus we’ll talk about and what in the world is an onighronaut, learning to sleep sitting up and what you can learn when taking your dog to the dog park, why you might want to fly in your dreams, and put your hands through walls, and the spiritual benefit to giving yourself the finger?

Andrew Holecek has completed the traditional three-year Buddhist meditation retreat and offers seminars internationally on meditation, dream yoga, and the art of dying. He is the author of The Power and the Pain, Preparing to Die, Meditation in the iGeneration, the audio learning course Dream Yoga: The Tibetan Path of Awakening Through Lucid Dreaming, and most recently, Dream Yoga: Illuminating Your Life Through Lucid Dreaming and the Tibetan Yogas of Sleep. His work joins the knowledge of the West with the wisdom of the East to help us realize our full human potential. Andrew holds degrees in classical music, biology, and a doctorate in dental surgery. He lives in Boulder, Colorado.

What happened with Andrew that changed his perspective on dreams, and life
How large quantities of beer and skiing saved him
How he drank and skied his way back from reality
Why the Buddha is the ‘awakened’ one
What Buddhism and Tibetan Buddhism teaches about dream yoga
What does Buddhism have to do with our dream world?
What is lucid dreaming
What is nocturnal yoga?
How to train in your dreams
How are our dreams truth-tellers?
What are dreams can tell us?
What Steven Labierge shows with nightmare theory
What we can learn from our nightmares
What you should do with your nightmares
How to become lucid in our dreams to face, and reframe our dreams and unwanted dreams
Where there’s nothing to fear in our nightmares
Why our nightmares and fears are really spiritual detox’s
How you can use the nighttime for your meditation practice
What mindfulness has to do with Lucid Dreaming
Why advanced meditators have more lucid dreams
Why every dream is lucid for a Buddha
Key ingredients for lucid dreaming and dream yoga
What a sense of humor has to do with lucid dreaming and dream yoga
What’s prime-time dream time?
How Salvador Dali was a ‘bardo artist’ and tapped into inspiration into this intermediate hypnogogic dream world.
How we can nurture and cultivate our creativity through our dream world
What’s a state check?
Why do we want to give ourselves the finger?
What it means that ‘life is but a dream’
What we can learn from the Senoi in Malaysia and their relationship with their dreams
Brief guided meditation to un-wind or unwind…to settle the winds and settle the mind

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